The Lounge – Whiteleys London

The Lounge, Odeon, Whiteleys, Queensway, London W2 4YL

This is more than just a cinema! Your able to watch your movie comfortably whilst enjoying fine dining. How cool is that right?! I often have a glass of rose with my meal just to really enjoy the movie experience with friends. This is a great place to take someone for a date night too, a nice ice breaker and would be a different experience for you both. There’s lots to eat and drink in a comfortable intimate setting, defo a must visit!


Nachos, chilli con carne and cheese, chilli flavoured tortilla chips, diced peppers and jalapeño chilli, sour cream, tomato salsa and guacamole.

Duck spring rolls and hoisin sauce, served with salad of baby gem, cucumber, red onions and toasted peanuts.

Spicy crispy squid flavoured with oregano and fennel seeds, fried rocket, lemon wedge and harissa mayonnaise.

Classic New Yorker hot dogs – beef sausage, melted chilli cheese, bacon bits, tomato relish, crispy, chipotle mayonnaise and chips skin on.

Lamb curry with pilau rice.

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