Cecconi’s at The Ned

Cecconi’s City of London, 27 Poultry, London EC2R 8AJ

Funny story about how I ended up at this restaurant!

One Friday night after a long week my friend asked me if I could come on a dinner date with her because she was too shy to go alone (I am sure you all know I would be the last person to ever turn down dinner). The guy was slightly more mature than her and she didn’t know whether he would be her type or not so she forced me to third wheel LOL I know I know that was pretty out of order of me, I felt bad for the guy when I got there ahaha!

Anyway turns out the guy was a huge jazz fan and actually worked in the City, he picked this restaurant as it was nearby his office. As soon as we walked in there were loads of people, lots of different restaurants and live music being played. It was amazing! Everyone just having a good time, eating, drinking, dancing literally so much going on with good music in the background.


  • All day Venetian brasserie.
  • Serving Northern Italian dishes in a classic setting.
  • Delicious food.
  • Wonderful bar with exquisite cocktails.

Menu: Cecconi’s Menu & Table Booking

Cornish crab, avocado and chilli & lemon.Chicken paillard, cherry tomato & rocket Grilled whole lobster, rocket & chilli.Profiteroles, pistachio and chocolate sauce.Rum baba, sour cherries and cream.

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