Yuu Kitchen Aldgate

47 Balham Hill, London SW12 9DR

My cousin came over from Belgium so he was willing to come and explore a few spots with me and this was one I drove past all the time on my way to Shoreditch. I don’t even know why if I’m honest but it looked very appealing from the outside and it had seemed to have a cool atmosphere. To my surprise this place was just that!


  • Trendy Pan-Asian and Hawaiian restaurant.
  • Passionate chef – ex Nobu chef.
  • Japanese & South East Asian small plates.
  • 10 dish tasting menu.
  • Contemporary Asian Fusion Spot.
  • Near Shoreditch & the City.
  • Inspired by fun & freshness of flavours.
  • Comic book and modern-Manga style decor.
  • Authentic flavours.
  • Gastronomy concept.
  • Variety of cocktails.


Menu: Yuu Kitchen Menu

Book a Table: Make a reservation?

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