About Me

This platform will help broaden your horizons with wonderful restaurant locations around London, and enable you to make a reservation if ever you are interested in one of the restaurants you have come across. Menu’s are also provided along with a star rating to give you a brief understanding of my experience as a whole.

P.S: All the star ratings that I have provided are based on my experience as a whole and NOT the quality or taste of the food, as I truly believe that taste is down to an individuals preference.

Garden of Yum is all about encouraging people to try new flavours and make the most of their dining experiences.

My passion and obsession with eating at Restaurants came from my love of fine dining. I absolutely enjoy the luxury of being able to explore my palette and be adventurous with food. Funny enough I am far from a chef but I particularly enjoy the dining experience along with the beautiful scenery and decor that surrounds you. 

Whilst I have been stuck in my corporate job, I have always felt as though I am not fulfilling my true calling on Earth, which is to use my love of restaurants to help and guide people on the best possible places to dine to suit the occasion.

I really appreciate that you are reading this and I am so glad that you have chosen to be apart of this journey with me! 

What do the Stars mean ?

5 * Dressy attire, quite classy, no trainers allowed.

4* Appropriate wear, casual elegant.

3* Casual wear, comfortable yet polished.

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